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  These cruise menus will provide an idea of what food is like on ship.  As you can see, we ate well in the Rotterdam dining room! Each night we were given a different menu based on a theme ranging from the Welcome dinner to the Dutch night menu. In our opinion, all the food was between good and excellent with a few notable standouts.  What was really interesting was that if you could not decide between two items the waiter was more than willing to make suggestions (more often than not the suggestion was to try both!)  That is how my wife got both duck and steak (or was it lobster?)

Our table companions usually had a few bad things to say about each meal, but from what we could see their major goal on the ship was to find fault with something.  We, on the other hand, were more than pleased with the selections, the variety, and the taste.  For those of you on diets or with special needs, note that there is always a "lighter fare" in the menu selection as well as vegetarian options.  Holland America also provides "special" menus for those with particular needs but you have to request them before departure.

Oh yes, you can see that desserts are not on the menu.  There was a separate menu for them and like the regular menu, the list changed daily.

Just click on the thumbnails below (and be prepared to gain a few pounds just by reading the descriptions)


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